Shape Your Wedding Vision: Part 4

If you missed Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 of this series, "Colour + Decor", "Texture" and "Lighting" we've been exploring how you can shape your wedding vision and bring it to reality. One of the key factors is to set the mood and tone for the event through elements such as music, colour, lighting, décor and food. We'd suggest you read post one, two and three before continuing below. 


Image: Elizabeth Ann Designs

Image: Elizabeth Ann Designs

To set the mood and ambience of your event it is crucial you select the right music for the night. We'd suggest you break the evening down into stages.

1. Ceremony: Classical / Romantic / Spiritual

2. Cocktails Pre-Reception: Fun / Light / Jazz

3. Reception Pre Dinner: Easy Listening

4. Reception Dinner: Background / Hotel Piano Room Style

5. First Dance + Cake Cutting: Romantic / Moving / Concert Volume

6. After Dinner Dancing: Upbeat / Dance / Familiar Tunes / Louder Volume

Each stage has a different mood that you'll need to set based on your own individual personalities and also the time of the evening. Take your guests on a romantic musical journey throughout the evening. For example, cocktail music should ideally be light, fun and romantic, such as Jazz music. Give your guests and experience of old world charm and some familiar classics to start the afternoon off in style. When you move into the reception room, you want something that welcomes your guests to the beautiful venue. Think elegant classical music or soft feminine tones.

Once you move through dinner with some background songs, pull out some romantic numbers for your first dance. This will wake up any sleepy guests, have the tears flowing and get everyone out of their seats to take on an evening of dancing. Once you hit the dancefloor keep the music loud and friendly. Avoid techno or tunes that the majority of the guests would not know. This will only frustrate your elderly guests and make it hard for your guests to comfortably dance the night through. 

Just remember, a wedding is not a dance party. It is to be a romantic and memorable occasion for family, friends and all ages. Keep your cross section of music tasteful, elegant and avoid dodgy DJ's, duke box machines and cheesy karaoke hits. Stick to incredible and timeless artists like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Alisha Keys. Or think outside the box and hire a Mexican band, an opera singer or musical act to entertain your guests throughout the evening.

If you'd like help with your music selection, give us a shout!



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