Shape Your Wedding Vision: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this series, "Colour + Decor", we've been exploring how you can shape your wedding vision and bring it to reality. One of the key factors to doing this is to set the mood and tone for the event through elements such as music, colour, lighting, décor and food. We'd suggest you read post one before continuing below. 


Part Two: Texture

Texture creates a feeling of sensuality. By texture we mean what you can see, smell and touch. This could be through the use of candles, flowers, fabrics, and lighting. Big arrangements of roses give a feeling of structure, softness and elegance. Peonies that are large and open give the appearance of clouds: soft and fluffy. The scent of soft burning candles could evoke a memory of holidays by the ocean and cotton fabric overlays may create the feeling of being in a large open country house or ranch.

Image: Belle Magazine

Image: Belle Magazine

Texture is part of nature. It expresses life, love and intimacy. You might look to a fabric that has a luscious texture or something with sparkles as it reminds you of an outfit you wore on your date nights. You may look to a favourite tree or wild flower to find texture.

Texture is also created by motion. The movement of hanging flowers in the breeze or water trickling from a fountain contributes to a feeling of texture. The more texture, the more opulent and luxurious a wedding will appear.

Texture communicates a mood. For a minimal look you may work with smooth textures, medium weight fabrics, clean lined décor and flowers like poppies or tulips. For a casual look you might work with lighter cottons, small posies and rustic materials. Whereas, satin fabrics, silk, sequins, organza, velvet, beading, intricate patterns, and lavish flowers like roses or orchids will communicate a look of royalty and abundance.

Texture can be presented in many ways. Repetition creates texture, for example, rose after rose together in a vase or box (as featured in the picture). An orchid on its own can be rather simple but in a group it creates an unusual and beautiful texture. You can look to beads, ribbons, paper, table runners, stemware, and draping’s for creating texture in layers. 

Image: The Brides Magazine UK; Cover: Style Me Pretty.

Image: The Brides Magazine UK; Cover: Style Me Pretty.

Brides who can learn to mix colour and texture can create an incredible look. If you are looking for a simple colour scheme, such as shades of white or grey, then it is really important you incorporate texture to create visual interest and depth. Use fabrics that have interesting textures to touch, such as embossed linen or paper, or shine to give reflection through organza, mirrored candle holders or sequins. You may do this by creating a backdrop with paper flowers repeated over and over as a large statement piece. It is a simple concept it will create depth, diversity and texture and look incredible in photos. To create contrast you may have straight linen with an overlay that has soft ruffles.

Just remember that repetition and contrast are the easiest ways to create overall texture.

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