Ten Tips On Preparing For Your Photography Location Photos

The photos taken of the bride and groom together are some of the most important shots of a couple's wedding day. They capture the couple's wedding-day-happiness for years to come. But how should a couple prepare for these shots?

According to Michael Martin of MM Photos, it is common for a wedding to be broken up into 4 different photography locations: a home or hotel (for the getting-ready-shots), the ceremony location, the photography location, and the reception. The photography location is where the couple's newly-wed emotions are captured.

Here are Michael's top ten tips on how to prepare for your photography location shots:

TIP ONE: Backgrounds

Pick somewhere with different backgrounds. That way, when your photographer switches up the angles, the pictures will end up looking as if they were taken in different locations. The variation between photographs will tell a story when one is looking through your wedding album.

TIP TWO: Lighting

Time of day is important to keep in mind. Morning light is too harsh for photography; therefore, the afternoon is a common time of day to get married. We recommend shooting between 2:00PM and 5:00 PM, as the afternoon daylight is softer and more flattering.

TIP THREE: Sentimentality

Pick a spot that is meaningful to you, perhaps where you got engaged or had your first kiss. Your familiarity and preference for that spot will add sentiment when you are looking at the photos for years to come.

TIP FOUR: Weather

Have a weather backup plan. Bring umbrellas with you just in case it should start to rain; you never know when the weather can change. Consider covered areas close to your locations; that way you have somewhere to stand underneath in case it should rain.

TIP FIVE: Privacy

Weekends are a busy time to get married so try and pick different photo locations that are unique and private. That way you don’t run into another bridal party on your special day. 

TIP SIX: Energy

Bring a sugar hit with you. It is a good idea to bring a bag of lollies with you, as people get tired over the course of a few hours shooting. You need to keep the energy levels up for photos.

TIP SEVEN: Hydration

Once again, shooting can wear you out. Bring a bottle of champagne or water with you. Stay hydrated.


Try not to pick photo locations that will make the bride and bridesmaids walk too far in heels. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of money is spent on shoes. Remember that you can ruin heels in grass.

TIP NINE: Permits

Obtain a legal permit to shoot in an area if its a public area. Shooting into the botanical gardens in Sydney requires a permit.


Be aware of timing. Factors such as traffic and distance can waste time on your special day, so try and pick close locations to shoot your couple photographs at. There will be more time to do the things that matter on your wedding day. 

Images courtesy of MM Photos

MM Photos is a Sydney-based photography studio that specializes in portrait, wedding, and corporate photographs. Michael, the company's director, developed his love of photography at a young age, and he trained with some of Australia's most respected photographers before forming his own company. Today, he strives to capture the perfect moment while remaining as inconspicuous as possible.

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