Think About Your Guest When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Brides need to think 'outside the vase' and beyond their creative dream when planning their wedding. There needs to be more emphasis on their guests comfort and create an inviting setting that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for your guests. 

There are many ways in which guests at an event can suffer unbeknown to the bride and groom. Flowers are the first that come to mind. While the gorgeous (and huge) arrangements of flowers placed on the table really do give off an initial 'wow' factor, more often than not, the blooms become an eye saw by the end of the night because they make it very difficult for guests to talk across to one another, see the bridal table or view the speeches.  

Similarly, bands can be far too loud or music far too soft. You want your guests to be able to have a nice conversation with one another over dinner whilst still enjoying the soft background music. Save the loud up-tempo beats for when the dancing starts. It might also be that the dance floor is on a dirt or grass surface and all the ladies new heels end up sinking into the grass. A simple fix would be to provide some flip flops or heel stoppers to help the ladies in need to dance the night away and not ruin their favourite heels. Or if it's cold weather, some cushions, fire pits, blankets or textured furr throws on the back of chairs can work a treat. 

This certainly is not an exhaustive list so we encourage you to have a good think about the practicalities of the day when considering all your 'dream elements'. There are many ways to achieve this if you talk to a professional designer. For instance, it might be that you have eye-level blooms or vases that are thinner and clear or the blooms up on stilts (as pictured). From someone who has attended weddings both as a guest and as a planner: your wedding is to be the day of your dreams, but please do not forget about the comfort of your family and friends when you set out to achieve this.

If you'd like more advice on specifics that relate to your wedding, give our coaches a call and we can help solve all your wedding planning problems!



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