Turkish Wedding Inspiration

Nişanınızı tebrik ederim! ("Congratulations on you're engagement!")

A Turkish wedding celebration is a spectacular, luxurious and lavish affair. Rich with colours, scents and textures, the celebration can last for days. The bride and groom often host their ceremony a month or two before the wedding reception so this gives the couple plenty of time to recuperate before they celebrate their love with a guest list of over 500 people! Receptions are usually held in the late evening and will carry until sunrise. The food will continue throughout the evening as will the Turkish coffee. 

If you'd like to add a little Turkish flair to your wedding day, check out our inspiration and theming tips below.

öper ("kisses")




Mood: Rich, luxurious, lavish, eclectic and exotic.

Colour Palette: Reds, blues, greens, browns, oranges, yellows, gold, white, gold. Earthy, bold and rich tones.

Dress Code: Long sleave, beading, heavy jewellery. Guests wear bright colours as they reflect joy and happiness. The bride will wear their first ever fashionable dress – in the Ottoman culture young girls are forbidden to wear fashionable clothes. Their wedding gown is the first step into that life. The bride will wear a bright wedding dress with veil and have a red sash around her waist and ribbons in her hair. The groom will wear a tuxedo.

Tradition: One day before the ceremony the bride has a Kina Gecesi (henna night). Dry henna is brought by the bridegroom’s family and broken up into a silver or copper vessel by a woman whose father and mother are not alive. Hymns are sung and the henna (after being kneeded with water) is put on the hands of the bride and then the guests. It can also be placed on the feet and hair of the bride. It is also traditional to sacrifice a cow and serve it up to the people of the village.  

Styling & Decor: Gold, banknotes and the colour red are dominating elements of a Turkish wedding. Mosaic tiles, copper tea pots, lanterns, woven rugs, large blue doors, candles, stained wine glasses, silk draped from the ceilings, bottles, large lanterns, cushions on the floor with bright patterns, rich fabrics, hanging glass wear, coffee pots.  

Favours: Turkish delight, hazelnut sweets (approximately 75% of all hazelnuts come from Turkey!)

Location: Desert sands; glamorous hotel poolside; winery with traditional finishes. You could also pick a tipi tent / marquee or a room with walls that are rich earthy colours. 

Dishes: Turkish wedding soup (hot or cold with onion, garlic, lemon, egg, cinnamon), kababs/skewer, sourdough, pastries with spinach and cheese, fish, saffron bulgar seasoned and wrapped in grape leaves. Persian chicken, Persian spices, cucumber and yoghurt salad, saffron rice, panko lamb, baklava cake, rose water sweets, figs, Persian fairy floss, and Turkish coffee truffles.

Beauty: Have a Turkish bath at a traditional spa house before the wedding.

Music/Entertainment: Tambourines, shakers, drums. Try to book a belly dancer for entertainment. 

Gifts: Gold and money. The bride and groom are literally showered with coins! Every jeweller sells coins for this occasion. Red is good luck and symbolises fortune, therefore the coins are wrapped with a tiny red silk bow and pin.


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