Undesirable Wedding Favors

Have you been at a wedding where the favor was conveniently forgotten or hidden under the table by the guests? We’ve worked with many clients who’ve struggled to pick the perfect favor in their budget that was elegant and memorable. We’ve also spoken to a number of guests who find it hard to understand the purpose of the gift they’ve been given. Here’s a list of items we’d suggest you leave off your list.


Items With Your Wedding Date

I really understand that it is a very special day for you both, however, sadly it really isn’t that important to most of your guests. They don’t need a gift with your wedding date sprawled across it. I personally have some shot glasses from a wedding with the date. They stay in the cupboard.


Items With Your Names

It if has your name on it, most people will not want it. Think about it logically; what are they going to do with it after the day? Whilst they are there of course to celebrate your love, they came for ONE day only. They don’t need items to remind them of your love in their home.


One Offs

Whilst you might think your guest might like a decorative champagne glass or coaster, the chances are they will toss it out after the event as they would most probably want more than one for their home.



Beer koozies are a complete no-no. They are tacky and look terrible on the table. Enough said.


Cheap Sweets

Don’t be a sucker. After having a beautiful 3-course wedding feast, the last thing you want is your guests snacking on disgusting cheap sweets like they are 5-year-olds. If you’d like to give sweets as gifts, opt for handmade chocolates or naked treats rather than sugar covered almonds or cheap packet candy.


Cheap Trinkets

Most guests would prefer to get nothing than be forced to take home a cheap tacky gift from the $2 shop. Not only will they look awful on the table, most items that cost only a few dollars most likely won’t last very long. The last thing your guests need is a beer bottle opener that breaks after two uses. People will be less inclined to remember no gift than a cheap one. I only want to see red velvet or something elegantly sweet.




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