Wedding Mindmaps

At Interior Design School I was taught a really useful technique called Mind Mapping. Designers apply this technique when they first to plan their design as it helps them to creatively put all their ideas down on a page.

I've since applied this technique to weddings. I teach our bridal coaching clients how they can use this technique to learn about each other and determine what they both want for their wedding before they start to book anything in. Couples can brainstorm about what is meaningful to them as a couple and decide on their wedding “essentials”.

So forget all you know about wedding planning, let’s just get the dreams down. Read more below.

Firstly What Is A Mind Map?

A mind map is a essentially a way to brainstorm. Brainstorming is an excellent way to sound out and develop your creative ideas that relate to a particular problem. By focusing on the problem, you can then come up with all sorts of amazing solutions! 

Ideas should be deliberately broad. They should come to you quickly and develop as fast as possible. 


The Rules

There are some rules around brainstorming.

  1. Criticism is NOT allowed
  2. All ideas, no matter how wild should be encouraged
  3. The more ideas the better
  4. Every participant should build on the ideas of the other participants


Mind Map Or Lateral Thinking?

You can use both words and images to describe your ideas. You can use photos, magazines or other special clippings. You don’t need to keep it neat - it is just a record of your ideas. Anything that comes to mind. You can be as expressive and spontaneous as you like.

A mind map can be used as a tool to help you decide on a theme, make you think about what you really want for your wedding, and make you visualise what you both want for the day. Start by writing the initial topic in the middle of the page, such as “our wedding” and start drawing out ideas from there.


How Can You Apply This To Your Wedding?

There are are a number of uses for a mind map and how you can use them in your wedding planning process. 

Couple Mind Maps

Create a mind map of all the things that mean something to you. It might be you favourite place to eat, a favourite holiday, colours you both love, activities you share, songs that are meaningful, your favourite seasons, pets and so on. The sky's the limit! The aim is to come up with a shared vision of what you love to then help you start theming your day. Once you know your theme, it will be much easier to decide on elements such as:

  • Venue Style

  • Location

  • Music Style

  • Dress Code

  • Interior Styling

That way when you can start to envision a theme that is meaningful to you both and not just because you like a particular colour. It may be that the overall vision lends to a favourite movie you both love. You might decide to style your whole wedding based on the movie, such as The Great Gatsby or The Notebook. Every element of your wedding will then portray YOU as a couple.


Wedding Mind Maps 

Similar to a couple mind map, a wedding mind map helps you map out all the things you need, desire, want, must have in your wedding. Start mapping out all the wedding essentials so you can start making decisions on what is necessary and what is not. You can take your wedding mind map and make a range of off-shoot mind maps for all areas of your wedding, such as entertainment, ceremony, garden games, dress code etc.



Sit down with your partner on a table with a big sheet of butchers paper. Write "wedding" in the middle and take 10-15 minutes to brainstorm all the ideas you have surrounding your wedding. Think outside the box as much as possible. 


We'd love to see how you went. Contact us for some coaching time if you need any additional help.



Image: Next We Meet Photography featured at our own Wedding Workshop.