10 Wedding Photographers You NEED To Follow On Instagram

Capturing the perfect day is truly an art. You have spent hours, weeks and months planning every intimate detail of your day and you want to be sure that it is captured perfectly. So not only is it really useful to follow some amazing photographers so you can see what incredible weddings other brides have planned around the world, but it helps you to decide on what types of shots you'd like for your own wedding. There are so many beautiful feeds to follow on Instagram, so we've listed just a few incredibly beautiful and jaw dropping photographers that are a must to follow. 

Popcorn Photography

Their feed is a real blend of incredible wedding photographs and travel portraits. The talented photographers at Popcorn travel the world to capture the most beautiful weddings. Based in Australia's Hunter Valley wine region, the photographers at Popcorn cover some of Australia's most glamorous weddings. (via @popcornphotog)  


Blumenthal Photography

This Sydney based photographer is one of Australia's finest. They capture the true elegance of a day and the emotions behind it. They are particularly talented at capturing the perfect dress shot. Their insta feed is particularly great for Sydney based brides. {via @blumenthalphotography}

Jose Villa

Recently Jose Villa was named the no. 1 in the world wedding photographer. Based in California, this photographer is one of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow. Their feed is filled with stunningly beautiful, vibrant and eye-catching images which are bound to give you so much wedding day inspiration. {via @josevilla}

Tec Petaja

This feed is beautiful and filled with lots of natural beauty and travel shots. This photographer is a fine artist who has the ability to capture the beauty of the world around her as well as the romance of a couple's special day. {via @tecpetaja}


Steve Steinhardt

Steve Steinhardt is a Los Angeles based wedding photographer and his Instagram feed definitely illustrates his talent. There is a unique blend of soft shots, colourful finishes and creative flat lays. {via @stevesteinhardt}

Joielala Photo

This account is filled with gorgeous whimsical pictures of flowers, brides and stunning settings. The Southern California photographer captures some of the prettiest of weddings we've seen. {via @joielalaphoto}


Abby Jiu

Abby Jiu is a very talented photographer with a really pretty feed. Her style is poppy, vibrant and filled with interesting bridal set ups. We really recommend this feed if you are looking for inspiration for cocktails, gifts and flowers. She captures them so beautifully. {via @abbyjiu}


Joel Serrato

This account is a real blend of anything and everything weddings - from families, food to culture. There are so many gorgeous pictures to be inspired by. {via @joelserrato}

The Grovers

Based in Southern California this husband-and-wife photography duo capture the true meaning of love in every snap. Their images are creative, artsy and modern. {via @the_grovers}

Ryan Ray

Soft, light and loving, this Texas-based photographer has the talent to capture the most beautiful of moments and settings. We particularly love their engagement shoots. {via @imryanray}

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