Wedding styling with scent, colour and texture

Learning to mix colour, texture and scent is a real talent. You have a combination of visual, physical and the unexpected. Here are our tips.


It is really lovely to tickle the senses of your guests. Speak with your floral designer about what flowers are in season that have beautiful perfumes such as gardenias, roses, lavender or jasmine.  



Consider the textures within the room. If you were using only two colours for your wedding you would want to then apply as much texture as possible to give visual impact. This can be through such things as fabrics, plates or glass wear. Look for items that feel good to you and perhaps have a sense of memory for you.

Flowers also contribute to texture. An orchid on its own is clean and simple, but put together with a bunch of orchids you get an enormous amount of texture.

Sometimes the easiest way to generate texture is through repetition and contrast. If you repeat an object it creates texture (think flower walls or hanging blooms). Repetition is one of the simplest and often least expensive ways to decorate a room with texture. It will create visual interest and sensuality for your guests.

The type of wedding should dictate the amount of texture you want in your room. If you have an avant-garde type wedding then you’ll want less texture and simple lines. If you want a opulent wedding you may look for highly textured fabrics and flowers.



Colour is pivotal to setting the atmosphere. How you express colour on your event is really important. It may not always be the best idea to pick your “favourite” colour. What we mean by that is you need to work out what is appropriate for the space and style of the event. 

One of the most popular colour palettes is white and pastels. White is a comfortable colour and is associated with simplicity, elegance and purity. Because the colour white is so pristine it does really affect the tone of the evening. Another popular colour palette is combinations of lavenders, creams and pinks which are often associated with love, fairytales and romance.

There are also really fabulous hot colours such as reds, oranges, yellows that add energy and life to an event. Or cool colours like greens, blues or purples that give a sense of calm, sophistication and sauciness to an event.

When combining colours you must be mindful that this can really intensify or heighten a mood. Be sure to work with colours that will act in harmony together.  

We've written lots about colour: 'Why Brides Need To Understand Colour'. Check out more here




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