Wellness Apps For A Healthy Minded Bride

To be a successful wedding planner of your own wedding you will need to be super organised, calm and solve problems quickly and efficiently. In order to tackle all the new challenges that will come your way and not sweat the small stuff, you'll need to be be energized, healthy, fit, well-rested, and have a clear mind. 

However, we know all too well that when you plan a wedding you will have a lot less time for long walks, gym visits, mediation or yoga class. So, we've found some time saving wellness apps that will help you achieve a well-balanced lifestyle without having to work out! 


This app will help you monitor how much you use public transport vs. biking or walking. It helps you create a healthy environment for yourself and track your C02 footprint. Free on iOS and Android. 

1 Gallon A Day

This app will help you stay well hydrated throughout your busy day. It will help you track how much water you've consumed and celebrate when you've reached your daily goal. Free on iOS.

Think Dirty

This app is super cool. It allows you to scan the barcode of your beauty and home products to see what the ingredients are! It will give you a rank of how "dirty" the item is for you on a scale of 1-10. Free on iOS


This one is for your mental well-being. This can help you chat with mental health professionals if you are struggling with any areas you are going through personally. Getting married can be a really scary thing for couples and it may help to get a few things off your chest before taking the leap into married life. If you are having any serious issues, we'd suggest you also contact your local GP for a referral to speak face to face with a professional. Free on iOS.


Sleep Cycle

This is amazing. Want to know why you are so tired? This app has an alarm clock that will wake you without making you feel groggy. It does this by tracking your REM cycles. Choose a time you'd like to wake up and the alarm clock will ring during the lightest phase of your sleep during that period. That way you'll wake feeling rested and ready to take on the day! Free on iOS.


This little beauty helps you watch your bank account balance and how nutritious the foods are that you are buying. This is great not only when you are trying to save money for your wedding, as it keeps a snapshot of your receipt by scanning the barcode. It will help you track what you are purchasing and how healthy it all is! Check the list of stores on their website to make sure this app is suitable for your shopping habits. Free on iOS and Android. 


This app will help you keep track of all the food you eat and help you to set realistic goals to achieve. It is a great food journal that will allow you to see what percentage of solid vs liquid foods you ingest as well as all your calories. Yep, this one is a must! Free on iOS and Android.


Want to give your brain a few extra workouts to keep you alert and focused? This app will give you fun and challenging mind games that help you to "improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills and more". All the things to make a wedding planner's mind a little bit sharper! Free on iOS and Android.

Healthy Out

This is an app that will help you look through all the healthy food offerings at restaurants near you. You can search the restaurants by calories and points, nutrition tags (such as paleo or heart healthy) and cuisine types. Available for over 500 cities, check out if it is going to be useful for your area before downloading. Free on iOS and Android.


Are there any other Apps you like? Comment below or tweet us at @kissesandcakeau as we'd love to know about them!

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