What Makes A Successful Event: Part 1

At Kisses & Cake we help engaged couples, companies and individual party hosts formulate and articulate their vision to their wedding/event vendors. We use methods such as creating professional storyboards, run sheetsmind maps and timelines to help couples pull all their wishes together and create a visual story. 

We ask our couples the question, “What mood do you want to set on the day and what statement do you want to make?”

In this three part article we ask you to consider all aspects of making the perfect event and how to be sure that is is truly representative of you as a couple. Most clients we work with have the most incredible ideas in their head but a lot of trouble conveying them to their vendors or visualising how their dreams could be brought to life (also within budget!). Not everyone is a designer. And most of your suppliers will be independent from one another.

You need to work out how each vendor is going to be in sinc with each other and be across all your ideas. It will be your responsibility to make sure this happens so it's essential that you know how to properly convey your ideas. If not, your day may end up one big confused (and expensive) mix. 

We are here to help. We can make this happen in just one or two meetings with you. Call us for a consult and enjoy our part #1 below.

Image:  Kisses & Cake Wedding Workshop  / Photography Next We Meet

Image: Kisses & Cake Wedding Workshop / Photography Next We Meet


PART ONE: What Makes A Successful Event?

It is important that all your guests have an uplifting and unique experience.

Think closely about the location, the details, the food and the overall feeling you’d like to achieve. The aesthetics and ambience will be imperative to setting the tone and will be what your guests absorb during the day and remember in years to come.


The décor is crucial for making an inviting and comfortable space for your guests.

Create a sense of intimacy and exclusivity. The intimate relationship that is between the hosts and their guests is very important and this needs to be nurtured throughout the event. Décor is also how you can make a large space appear smaller, or a small space bigger.


Generosity and spirit are also very important.

Don’t spend the majority of budget on the perfect outfit or gown and then neglect to have comfortable seats or elegant food for your guests. Show your guests who you are, surround them by your love for one another, and everyone will be touched. When you represent yourself as individuals and as a couple throughout your event, you will create something truly unique. After all, what could be more personal than expressing all your own likes? Similarly, this applies for corporates planning an event. The event needs to be representative of the motto or vision behind the company. Give it a unique voice, not a sterile package. 


To measure the success of your event you want to leave your guests feeling uplifted and elevated.

There needs to be a balance of surprise, joy, laughter, tears, romance and amusement. When an event is planned properly your guests will be able to share with you a range of emotions and create a truly memorable experience. 


Stay tuned for Part 2, 'Your Theme' and Part 3, 'Your Colour'.



Alexandra is our Creative Director and Bridal Coach.

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