What Makes A Successful Event: Part 2

In part 2 of this 3 piece series we will be looking at your theme and how it is crucial to the success of your wedding and how it will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

PART TWO: Your Theme

Image: Elizabeth Ann Designs

Image: Elizabeth Ann Designs

One of the most important aspects of designing your theme is working out what truly represents you as a couple. Discuss the type of event you want to plan: style, concept, mood, location and so on. The key is to be as original as you can. Steer clear of package weddings and work with suppliers who are unique in style.

We work with our clients to help them translate their ideas into something wholly original. We encourage them to come up with one or two words that they can use to express what they would like to achieve. For example, feminine, masculine, romantic, fun, lighthearted, warm, eclectic, peaceful, natural, stylish or elegant.

Elegance, for instance, can be understated or over the top, traditional or modern. It is up to us as bridal coaches to help understand and pinpoint exactly what vision the client has and how we can work to achieve the desired result when dealing with other suppliers. For some, elegance is about the use of white and simple designs. For others, elegance is about traditional features and fine food. It doesn’t matter what elegance is, it is how you represent something meaningful to you.

One client wanted hundreds of white roses with crystal glassware and an oversized flower backdrop. For this bride, this is what was her sense of elegance. We suggested covering the room in white linen, adding a hit of green to the table finishes to match the colour of the stems, and using clear crystal wear to add a touch of royalty to the affair. Then to line the walls with soft up lights and fill the table with soft flickering candles to create visual interest and a romantic atmosphere.

A way to achieve this is also to cross between set decoration and interior design. Just as you’d put your sense of style in your home, you want to achieve this in the wedding décor. The set design aspect then comes into play: a wedding is a one-time situation that needs to leave an impression on our audience. Style and theatre are vital.

The overall look will tell a story. Some clients like to achieve this with colour and drama, whereas others prefer something more understated and demur. This will determine the type of décor you select.

Stay tuned for part three, 'Your Colour'.



Alexandra is our Creative Director and Bridal Coach.

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