What Makes A Successful Event: Part 3

In part 3 of this series we ask you to look towards colour as a way to convey your personalities and evoke feelings within your guests. 

Image: Preston Bailey

Image: Preston Bailey

Part Three: 'Colour'

When you start to plan your wedding, try to put all limitations to the side to start with. Get the ideas free flowing through mind maps and put down some key words that you’d like for your event. Become excited about all the possibilities and indulge your every quirk, thought or dream. Trust your intuition and pull out all stops.


It is then that you’ll start to work out how you can bring these imaginations to life. Whilst you may not have the budget for a lavish affair, there are so many ways to make your vision a reality. A vineyard wedding, might encapsulate the ideas of breaking bread and giving wine, with earthy tones and warm lighting.

You can work with a unique colour palette and lighting or fabrics and textures to achieve any look.

Colour itself creates emotion. Every person has their own feelings about colour and what it means to them. It is important that when planning your day that you really consider colours that evoke a positive memory, mood or feeling. White, for instance, can be clean, pure and calming. Mix in some pinks and purples to create romance and softness. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm and fun. Greens and blues are earthy and cool.

{We've written loads about colour: 'Do Brides Really Need To Pick A Colour Palette', 'Understand Light + Colour' and 'Styling With Colour And Scent'}

If colour isn’t quite your thing, then you might prefer to look to a movie, favourite book, artwork or clothing for inspiration. Is there a period you like? Does the artwork have lots of lines and details? Are the clothes brightly coloured or made from interesting textures? Was there some thoughtful words in your book that evokes memories?

Don’t be held back by fear. This will only stop your creativity. Pursue any ideas that come to mind and don’t be afraid to put your passion into it. You can always call on bridal coaches or design experts to help you bring these wild ideas to life. You’d be surprised what is possible with any budget. 



Alexandra is our Creative Director and Bridal Coach.

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