The Perfect Bridal Eyes

We spoke to editorial and bridal make-up artist Petr Vackar about how to achieve the perfect bridal eyes. Here is what he taught us! 


The perfect wedding eye is unique to every bride. Currently the trend is anything from natural, nude, wing eyeliner and smoky effects. A lot of the techniques currently used are about blending and enhancing the natural beauty of the bride.

Makeup will look much heavier next to white so Petr encourages brides to pick a youthful, lighter and fresher look. A talented artist can add subtle enhancements in a way that still leaves the bride looking as if she is not wearing any make-up.

Making Up Your Bridal Eyes

It is really important that your artist contours your face and your eyes. This will help to make your eyes look bigger and creates depth and shape. The eye contour area is a circle that reaches from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner below the end of your eyebrow. When applying makeup you are helping to enhance the natural brightness of your eyes.


The first step is to prepare your eyes. Your make-up artist will use a lightly tinted moisturiser to soften the area and allow you to have a longer lasting result. Petr explained to us that he mixes a natural mineral oil-free moisturiser (Nude By Nature) and mixes with a foundation that matches the clients skin tone.


Your artist will use eye shadow as a base all over your eye area from under the lid to the brow. This will usually be 1 shade lighter than your complexion. If you want to add a little more intensity to your colour you could always add some champagne or pearl-coloured hints to the inner corner of your upper lid. This will give a nice overall soft look and natural contour. 


The artist will then blend natural brown eye shadow 2-4 shades darker than your skin complexion into the outer half of your upper lid socket. If you are going for a more intense look then have your make-up artist apply a bit of black or darker brown shadow to the outermost corner of they eye. This technique will help to also lift any droopy eyelids and give you some extra pop.

Some brands make it super easy to lighten & darken are – Marble Eyes by Nutrimetics and Mineralised Eyeshadow by MAC Cosmetics.


Eyeliner will help to accentuate the eye. However, you need to be careful not to make your eye look smaller. If you are applying any eyeliner, start as a thin line in the inner corner of your upper lid and gradually get thicker as you move to the outer corner. If you want to add some on your lower lid, then only apply to the outer half of your lash line (underneath your lashes) and use smoky powder eyeliner rather than a solid or liquid one. Just remember to keep it subtle and clean and remember that it may not be necessary if you have false eyelashes. Trust your make-up artists judgement. 


There is a wonderful range of false eyelashes or eyelash extensions available. Petr recommends that you combine different lengths of individual lashes to give a full, long and natural look. For longevity, it is best to choose extensions that come in lengths 12-15 and thicknesses 3-5. It is recommended that you do a trial well before your wedding to make sure that you like the feel and the effect they give. Have them re-applied a day or two before your wedding.

Bride's Preparation Tips:

Sleep: This is fundamental for any bride or bridesmaid. You don’t want your make-up artist trying to patch up dark circles or broken out skin because of a late night! 

Drink Lots Of Water: This will leave your skin glowing and flush out any toxins from your system.

Allergies: If you have any allergies, be sure to bring your antihistamines or advise your make-up artist in advance so you don’t have any reactions on the day.

Treatments: Do not have a peel or any other invasive cosmetic procedures closer than two weeks before your big day. 

Crying: You are bound to shed a tear on your wedding day. If you do, use a paper tissue to lightly tap under the eye are, do not wipe it off. If you need to have a quick fix and refresh your makeup, use a slightly damp sponge to re-distribute the product you already have rather than adding on more powder on top. If not, you’ll end up looking like your wedding cake! 

About Petr Vackar

  • Hair & Make-up Artist
  • Colour Technician
  • Cut & Style Specialist 
  • Freelance Session Stylist 

Worked in Australia, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK, USA, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Austria.  Petr has worked exclusively with high profile clients in the fashion, film, TV, politics and arts communities consulting, creating and delivering personalised looks, for varied briefs for product, character and personal. We are really lucky to have Petr advising our brides on the best way to achieve the perfect look!

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